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Epic garage solutions that will declutter your garage and transform it into usable space that is functional, organized and looks great.

The garage often falls victim to an avalanche of items – tools, sporting gear, seasonal decorations, and more. A once tidy and functional space succumbs to disarray and frustration. And what about the floor? Cracked, stained, and discolored, it acts as a visual reminder of wear and tear. Your garage should be a practical and welcoming extension of your home, not an area of constant disappointment.

The reality of an untamed garage goes beyond mere storage trouble. It’s about the squandered potential of a significant part of your home. It’s the nagging irritation when a simple tool search turns into an archaeological dig, or the sense of surrender when you notice the unwelcome cracks and splotches on your garage floor. The solution isn’t a bigger garage; it’s about utilizing what you have effectively. That’s where Epic Garage and Closets can help!

Our Superior Garage Transformation Tools

Garage Flooring

Polyurea Flake Flooring

Give your garage a fresh start with our unbeatable polyurea flooring, a cutting-edge replacement for traditional epoxy. Far exceeding any benefit an epoxy coating has to offer, polyurea is designed to tackle the harsh garage environment while maintaining its integrity and beauty. Here’s how our commercial-grade polyurea stands out:

UV stability, ensuring a consistently attractive floor despite sunlight exposure. Gone are the days of faded, yellowing floors.
Resilience and flexibility, promising a floor that withstands the daily demands of garage use. From heavy machinery to chemical spills, our polyurea flooring can handle it all!
Durability and easy maintenance, offering you a floor that retains its allure with minimal effort. Your garage floor will become a pleasure to maintain, not a chore.

Swiss Trax Tile Flooring

For those cursed with failed epoxy floors, meet our game-changer – Swisstrax tiles. These revolutionary tiles are more than just floor coverings; they are the solution to your garage flooring woes. With Swisstrax tiles, you can expect

Revolutionary Cabinets

Tackle clutter head-on with our versatile, customizable cabinets. These storage powerhouses provide a place for everything, turning chaos into order. Here’s what makes our cabinets special:

Our slatwall offers

Innovative Overhead Racks

Harness the often overlooked vertical space with our ingenious overhead racks. Transform your ceiling into an integral part of your storage strategy!

Embrace Transformation

You’re not just choosing a service; you’re selecting a partner in the transformation of your home. With 16 years of experience and local, veteran-owned operations, we bring a level of expertise, dedication, and understanding to the table that is second to none. We’re not just providers; we’re innovators, driven by the passion for delivering practical, aesthetically pleasing solutions that transform your garage into a space that truly serves you.

Our solutions are customized to fit your needs and lifestyle. We believe in the power of personalized solutions and focus on crafting designs that reflect your unique requirements and style. From the first consultation to the final reveal, we’ll be there every step of the way, ensuring that your journey towards a more organized garage is smooth, satisfying, and, above all, transformative.

We’re proud to serve the communities of Charlotte, Marvin, Mathews, Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Weddington, Waxhaw, Huntersville, Conelius, Fort Mill, Indian Land, Gastonia, Concord, and more. If you’re ready to reclaim your garage and transform it into a well-organized, highly functional space that reflects your lifestyle, reach out today to schedule a consultation. Take the first step towards your organized life!


We take immense pride in catering to the vibrant neighborhoods of Charlotte, Marvin, Mathews, Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Weddington, Waxhaw, Huntersville, Conelius, Fort Mill, Indian Land, Gastonia, Concord, and beyond. If you're eager to regain control over your living space and convert it into an impeccably arranged, incredibly efficient area that perfectly embodies your unique way of living, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today and book a consultation. Embark on the initial phase towards achieving an orderly and harmonious life!

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